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        WELCOME TO
        MY UNIVERSE 

                  25 /  02 /  2020 


Love it; Share it .

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This Twenty Fifth February 2020, marks the materialization of my brand new baby, my blog, my second passion.

It's a very decisive date for me

It would be lying to you if I tell you that I have not had moments of doubt, moments of uncertainty.

I asked myself a thousand questions at a time, namely:

  • Will they like my themes? Will they love me?

  • Will I have a lot of subscribers? 

  • Will my blog bring me money?

  • Will I have a big failure, knowing that my biggest fear is  failure?

  • Will they like my offbeat spirit and my singularity etc.….


 Oulala, I had huge headaches and anxiety attacks after thinking about all this . I didn't had enough audacity to materialize it. I was postponing it year after year But I forgot or I was not aware that I was missing out on the essentials:


So, my awareness in one night and the fact that I was left influenced by the inspiring words of two great characters with impressive journeys made me jump out of bed ! 

I took my laptop without even bothering to shower. I slammed my knuckles and I said aloud:



I’m sharing a few quotes that helped me wake up,

“I failed a primary school key test twice.I failed college three times

For three years, I tried and failed in universities. So I applied for 30 jobs, I was rejectedI even went to KFC when they came to China. 24 people applied for the job. 23 people were accepted and I was the only one rejectedI have applied to Havard ten times and have been rejected again.

I think we have to get used to rejection. The only thing that needs to be rooted in you:




Jack Ma

(Founder of Alibaba and one of the richest men in China)

"Success is to loved yourself; it is to love what you do and  it's to loved how you do them "

"If you always strive to be normal, you will never know how exceptional you can be" " You don't have to worry about doing the right thing. If you want, then you do it without thinking about it.

"Love is the most powerful of passions, because  it simultaneously attacks the head, the heart and all the senses."


Maya Angelou

(An American Poet, Singer, Memoirist and American civil rights activist. She has published Seven Autobiographies, Three essay books, several poetry books which have been credited in several lists of plays, films and TV shows)

I’ve been really long and believe me, I’m trying to be brief but I can’t help it because I’m a talker.

So, if you like an offbeat spirit, to be entrepreneurial, to eat delicious foods, to discover wonderful places, to read unusual books, to share ideas, to have inspiring friendships and to feel less alone...

Stay in our company and let's start our strange love excursion

Peace & Love 


Diana T



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